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Class volunteers

Class Volunteers support the children on a 1-1 basis and assist the teaching staff in classes

hing Assistant and SEND suppor


                Junior Class Volunteer

Hi my name is Emma Rebecca and I am one of the first members of True Colours Theatre.


 I joined when I was 10 years old and now I am 18 years.


When I first joined True Colours Theatre I was a young girl who felt broken due to severe bullying, but thanks to True Colours my confidence has grown.


I love sign language and my favourite part is being a class volunteer is making sure the younger members are safe and happy and don’t ever feel like I did.

Thank you! 


                                    Adam Henderson
                                Junior Class Volunteer,
                               website editor and member 

Hi I am Adam, I have been with True Colours since the very beginning & I am so lucky to be picked to be the website editor.

I love using my skills to help this amazing charity.

I have grown so much confidence since I have been here and I've made lots of fab friends.

I am also a Class volunteer for the younger members, I really enjoy helping the little ones settle into class. 

                                     Darren Renforth
                                  Junior Class Volunteer

Hi everyone, My name is Darren Renforth and I am one of the earliest members to join True Colours Theatre in the beginning of 2016. I love performing, singing, dancing, acting, script writing and being the part of the team. I am now one of the class volunteers and I am enjoying this very much as this gives me more responsibility. 

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