Management Team

Get to know the dedicated board members and passionate staff behind True Colours Theatre. We come from all walks of life and are united in our passion to make a difference and lasting change in the lives of those in need. Our team is made up of highly trained experts in a variety of fields. Read on to learn more about who we are and what we do.


Alisar Hassanyeh

CEO / Founder / Principle Teacher /
Fundraising Manager 

It was back in 2014 when I first had the dream of True Colours Theatre. I was attending some support groups with my niece, Emily - Kate.  Emily - Kate was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis as a baby, which resulted in epilepsy, ASD and ADHD.  I myself have also been diagnosed as an adult with ASD and ADHD.

I want every child to have a place where they can feel proud to be who they are and to grow in confidence without any stigma or difference;  a warm and happy place of acceptance and where inclusion is the essence.


I have a passion for Performing Arts... this was my happy place as a child... I always struggled with emotions and self-belief but when I performed I could get lost in a world where music would help me express those emotions and I could be part of a different world.

To know that we can make such a difference to so many people and create a place, like True Colours Theatre makes my heart fill with so much pride and love.... but mostly that pride and love is to each and every member, and family,  who come to True Colours. Because of you, all my world is now a place filled with all the colours of the rainbow.

Thank you all for your support, love and believing in all that we


Sophia Ainsworth

Chairperson / Funding and Operational Manager

My son started at True Colours 2 years ago after his special school teachers recommended the group to us.  Luca had performed with the school as part of their dance club and it was evident that he really enjoyed performing although he lacked self-confidence.  Luca gets extremely anxious in social situations, especially around other children he doesn't know, so was very nervous about starting at True Colours Theatre.  From his very first session, Luca was welcomed by the other children and young people with such warmth that he soon relaxed and joined in with the rest of the class.

Ali made Luca feel part of the class without overwhelming him or pushing him out of his comfort zone and you could tell she had so much love for what she does and was clearly experienced in working with children with autism and additional needs.  Luca has gone from strength to strength and his confidence in class is amazing to see. True Colours Theatre has become so much more than a weekend theatre class, it is a family and a source of support for not only its members but their families too.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of watching this group accomplish truly amazing things and the vision Ali has for the charity is so inspiring that when I was asked to be a Trustee I jumped at the chance!  I feel honoured to be part of the True Colours Theatre and look forward to the future and all it holds for this wonderful group of young people.

Malcolm Cain

Trustee / Treasurer and Health and Safety Officer

True Colours Theatre has been a big part of our families life for the last 2 years, since my son started classes. Luca loves attending class and we've seen a huge improvement in his social skills, self confidence and communication skills.  He has made so many friends and looks forward to classes every week. 

I am very proud to be a trustee for such a fantastic charity and I look forward to the exciting times ahead. 


Daniel Murphy
Vice Chair 
Designated Safeguarding Officer / Recruitment Officer

I was introduced to True Colours Theatre by my other half, and the founder of the charity, Alisar - Jane.

From the moment I met the children and the families, I knew that it was a special place and somewhere that was going to make a difference in so many peoples lives.

To know that there is a place where children can belong, a place where they can grow with such acceptance and where inclusion is paramount, gives me so much hope.

We need to let our colours shine and know that you have people with you on life's journey who believe in you. I am proud to be a part of that journey and know the charity is going to grow from strength to strength.


Shannon Charters
Dance Captain and Charity Secretary 

Shannon joined us back in 2019 after she discovered True Colours Theatre through our founder Alisar. Shannon is a performer and dancer and studied Level 3 Musical Theatre at Newcastle College. She also trained from a young age in many forms of dance.


Shannon overcame her own battles with mental health as a teenager and wanted to help other children and young adults to never feel alone like she did. She believes that everyone should have a place where they belong.


She is also on the management team of Dreams On Moonbeams Parties and Events.