Ian Shaw


My name is Ian Shaw and it is a privilege to be a trustee of this amazing charity.  I am a retired Chemistry teacher and Community Manager. I have known  Alisar for over 30 years and have always supported her in her ventures.


I watched with interest as True Colours started and have always been there to help, support and advise when I could.

I helped with their first on-stage production 4 years ago and found the children to be supported, talented, keen and gain so much from the experience.  I am at present Chairman of Woodlands Hall Community Centre in Wideopen and have tried to support TC with technical support and host charity events for them. I have seen some of the children develop and gain confidence over the years.


Pre covid I called in to see the wonderful work the staff do with the children. They are an incredible group of dedicated staff dealing with a lovely group of children and young adults who would not gain this experience and care from anyone else. They need support and help to keep this invaluable work going and I will continue to support them in the limited way I can.

Alison Henderson


Trustee / Safeguarding Officer

Alison is a valued member of our team and the voice that keeps us all grounded. Her leadership skills are what gives her the drive to make sure True Colours always receives the best she can give. Her son Adam has attended True Colours Theatre since the first day and is a peer supporter to our younger members. He loved to fundraise for True Colours by using his creative skills of photography. We love having them on board.

Chis Renforth

Trustee and Fundraiser

Chris has been with True Colours Theatre since day one with her son Darren, who attends our classes weekly. Darren is an asset to us and has achieved so much in his journey with us. Chris believes that all children should shine like the stars they are and we couldn't agree more!

Nicola Warren

Trustee and Fundraiser

Nicola is an active member of our team and a great believer in inclusion... Her son Joseph attends True Colours and daughter Eliza. Joseph also attends Heel and Toe Charity in which True Colours are proud to support.

David Rowell


David became involved with True Colours Theatre through our music co-ordinator Kevin. He watched True Colours grow from a small group in the centre of Newcastle to a large community of members. He believes in all True Colours is.