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Our classes are designed to build confidence and celebrate diversity in a safe and nurturing environment where our members can express themselves without fear of judgment or negativity.

We run sensory classes for those that need a more structured environment where we focus on sensory development through storytelling, music, and dance. We use lots of visual aids to encourage participation and understanding.

We also run classes for members that are interested in developing their performance skills. We teach theatre skills such as singing, dancing, improvisation, and stagecraft which helps encourage social development, teamwork, language skills, and confidence. 

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5pm till 5.45pm

Adult sensory performance class 

                                                                The Oxford Centre,


                                                                 The Crèche Room




North Tyneside classes run on Saturdays at the following times:


Sensory Classes 

9.30am-10.15am  Sensory Caterpillars 

(Calm, quiet sensory class)


 10.15am-11.00am Sensory Rainbows

(Sensory drama, movement and music)

Performance classes

11.15am-12.15pm Butterflies Performance Class

           (Primary School Ages)

 12.15pm-1.45pm Sunbeams Performance Class  

     ( 11 Years plus)

2.15pm-3.45pm Supernova Performance Class 

              (Older teens and Young Adults)

Classe Venue:

John Willie Sams Centre

Market Street



NE23 7HS



      South of Tyne classes run on Sundays  at the following times:


Sensory Classes 

 10am-10:45 am  Sensory Caterpillars 

      (Sensory, movement and music)        


Performance classes

    11am-12pm Butterflies  Performance Class

 (Primary School Ages)

12pm-1pm Sunbeams Performance Class

 ( 11 Years plus)

Class Venue:

                                                                Ginger Music Studios, Gateshead


Unit 2-3

Shields Road

Bill Quay


NE10 0HW


For more information about our classes, or to book your child or young person in, please contact us.

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