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To go along with our new home, We are also working on our new website. Please check back soon to see what we have been up to!

The North East’s Fully Inclusive
Theatre Company and School

You’ve found your place to be silly, make friends, dance, sing, act, and be accepted for everything that makes you, you. Your True Colours shine through, making every day at TCTCS beautiful. Like a rainbow.

Be Our Hero!

Monthly Scholarship Support

Footlight Sponsors

Give the Gift of Belonging

For only £20 a month, you can directly impact the life of a student at TCTCS, allowing them to grow and thrive without worrying about how their family will pay for transformative experiences at True Colours.

That means there will be one more child who can be who they are without fear of judgment or stigma.

And it’s all because of you.

Welcome to the TCTCS Family!

Monthly Donation of £20

£250 + Donation

Spotlight Donors

Keep Us Moving Forward

Join our Spotlight Donors who help us keep the lights on, our equipment refreshed, and our students singing and dancing without worrying about stigma or judgment.

£250 pays for new uniforms for 25 pupils
£500 pays for a full day outing
£1000 pays for a performance venue

In recognition of your donations of over £250, you will receive

  • Website & social media recognition

  • VIP invitations to special events

  • Mention in performance playbills

  • Become part of our family

Have a big impact on our pupils.


Centerstage Sponsors

Create the Future 
You Want to Live in 

Join our corporate sponsors in supporting every child and young adult who walks through our doors. You can create their future right now, with TCTCS.

As a thank you for your generosity you get all the perks of our spotlight donors as well as:

Prominent ads in performance playbills
Company name and logo on printed collateral, including direct mail, show posters, brochures, flyers, signage, press releases
Significant inclusion in website and e-communications
Special mention of sponsoring companies before performances

Schedule a call to
discuss corporate sponsorships

Supporting Multiple Marginalized Communities

Breaking Down What Holds Us All Back

When you contribute to TCTCS, you are challenging the conventional idea that the neurodiverse are TOO different. You are telling the world that mental health is a priority for our society. And you are standing strong with us in our demand for inclusivity for people with physical limitations. When you help us break down barriers, we grow stronger together.


Long-Term Sustained Impact

Beyond the Stage

This school teaches more than just singing, dancing, acting, and theatrics. Essential skills that seem out of reach for our kids become second nature after working with TCTCS. As they move from our classrooms and out into the wider community, they take the skills they learned here and apply them to everyday life. TCTCS equips its students with the confidence to join teams, build friendships, express themselves, and have empathy for others. What a wonderful world we would live in if we all learned these skills.

Playful Child

Financial Accountability

Operating to the Highest Standards

Our commitment to our students and to our donors requires a commitment to transparency as well. Please feel free to access our detailed reports outlining how your donations and sponsorships directly impact the lives of the children and young adults at TCTCS. We transform the lives of entire families across the whole of the North East, and we want you on board!

Dancers with Tap Shoes

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